About us

“International Archaeological Centre” is a project of the University of Georgia aimed at the promotion of archaeological heritage; Supporting the development of the archaeological and adjacent fields, encouragement and sponsorship of the scientists and students involved in archaeology. Integrating the students, the individuals concerned and the scientists engaged in archaeological fields and providing coordination and communication between them.

·         The center within the frames of its activity ensures the development of archeological tourism, attracting international visitors concerned with the field of archeology and professionals to Georgia.

·         The center will organize the visits of international students and the scientists concerned as well.

·         The center will provide the development of innovations in the fields of testing in radio engineering technologies, chemistry, biotechnologies, robotechnics etc. interesting from the archeological point of view.

·         The center will consistently establish the research innovative archeological laboratory of joint scientific usage. The lab equipped with the modern technologies will get orders from different regions.

·         The center will establish the archeological museum; promote the significant popularization among the young and instructive-entertaining processes as well.

Any organization can become a member of the International Archeological Centre, carrying out the above mentioned activities promotion-popularization in the region and in the world in general.